Bottom Line – UFO Disclosure Day 9

UFO Disclosure – Bottom Line – Day 9

Listing to a video of an interview by Glen Beck of Luis Elizondo, he said the most important statement I’ve heard in 9 days since D-Day (UFO Disclosure Day).

Luis Elizondo says of the Craft in the Video:

  • We don’t know WHAT IT IS.
  • We don’t know HOW IT WORKS.
  • We are not sure we can DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT.

That sums it up. THAT’S why we’re dealing with some other species, and not some other clever members of the human race. He said this technology is “beyond next-generation technology.” That means it’s beyond something we can really comprehend at this time.

It’s not just beyond us – it’s BEYOND THE HUMAN RACE.

Let that sink in.

Here’s the video. Listen closely – there are a number of excellent things Luis Elizondo says. Listen closely after 10mins too – he says – “we’ve been looking at this stuff for a while, and it’s REAL. As a nation, we need to decide, is it a national security imperative?”

If that link above, or the embedded video clip doesn’t work, I saved a low-rez version here: NEW UFO INTERVIEW- Glenn Beck vs Luis Elizondo – 21-12-17

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