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Robert Bigelow is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and one of the most well-connected persons in the UFO phenomena field of research and study.
Robert Bigelow is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and one of the most well-connected persons in the UFO phenomena field of research and study.

Bob Bigelow, the owner of Bigelow Aerospace, has said that he has probably spent more on finding out about the UFO / Alien phenomena than any other private citizen in the world. He mentioned having spent millions of dollars.

Bigelow Aerospace won the contract to study the alien / UFO phenomena when the US Congress funded it. The contract was for just $20,000,000 but Bigelow probably spent a lot of his own money as well. b

Robert Bigelow probably knows more about the UFO phenomenon than any other private citizen in the world. Or, at least a comparable amount of information.

So what is Bob Bigelow saying about aliens and UFO’s?

He states flat out – THEY ARE HERE, and they are RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES.

Check out this brief interview video:

Bob Bigelow leaves nothing to chance. He is obviously 100% sure than this other intelligence is already here on earth and interacting with humanity.

“It’s (UFOs / Aliens) like right under people’s noses.”

By this, does he mean physically under our noses, like underground? Or is he trying to come up with another analogy that would make sense if they were underwater?

Seems that way.

Here is another video interview, this one by Investigative Reporter, George Knapp out of Las Vegas where Bigelow’s company is based. George and Robert Bigelow have been friends for years.

Robert Bigelow on 2019 UFO Situation (VIDEO)

Transcript of Robert Bigelow Video from 21 November 2019

GK: I meant the other interest that the public knows you for.

RB: oh!

GK: The esoteric topics.

RB: Oh, the unidentified objects that people wonder about

GK: You miss that?

RB: Sure I do. Sure I do because it’s the epitome of potential that we are barely even able to sniff at. And, the magnitude of that is so profound in so many different ways that I can t think of anything that comes close that mankind has even started to approach that even remotely equals the dynamics of that subject, it’s beyond belief.

GK: It demonstrates what’s possible.

Yeah, and then even beyond that because we don’t even know. We may only even see the bare tip of the iceberg on that, as you know. And so, I don’t think we even fully realize at all what’s possible.

We are sniffing at that and we see signs of that and we have information about it and now we have military pilots coming forward and talking about it and other kinds of things going on behind the scenes, and boy once you’ve had an introduction to that, it’s very very hard to let go

GK: You haven’t spoken about it really since all the news broke, but i mean, your fingerprints are all over that stuff. you helped make all that happen.

RB: Well, I don’t know about that. I think I think that the future here is what’s potentially interesting. If these exposures and these exhibitions that are currently ongoing, especially off the east coast, and they have been for pretty heavy for the last 5 years. If that continues and they provide the opportunity for investigation and to create awareness… not just with the military and govt folks, but be able to be sanctioned and confirmed as an actual reality. That this phenom is real, it actually exists and we’re actually achieving a confirmation of sorts. Without knowing who what or why you know, or where it’s coming from or anything. At least that’s a big step that’s never happened before.

GK: I just remember when you were first talking about what your inflatable habitats could do, providing space in space where you could work. You could have labs that produce things in zero gravity, materials, drugs, pharmaceuticals and that sort that you can’t make down here, i mean, that sort of goes whether we like to say it or not, with the two topics – they go together.

RB: well there may be a connection to laboratories in space that we’ve never really had opportunities to fundamentally push where you have the effects of creating certain things under a 1-G environment, maybe that contaminates and doesn’t provide the possibilities that a microgravity environment can produce. We know the physiology certainly changes without doing much of anything. And so researchers now are coming around to really realizing that the human physiology particularly if you are in space on the second or third generation, or on the moon of 1/6th gravity is going to significantly change over time, so, it’s hard to predict what we don’t know.

Robert Bigelow is 73 yrs old in 2018, and has a tremendous number of secrets about the alien and UFO phenomena. Let’s hope he releases some of this to the world before he passes.

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