Grant Cameron’s World Changing File on MJ-12, Roswell

Grant Cameron is a premiere UFO Phenomena researcher from Canada who lives in the USA. He is an author and full-time researcher and has been so for decades.

In the last few months, Grant Cameron has been talking about some document that he received at a conference by some mysterious courier. He alluded to this document being one of the most important finds in UFO history.

Recently on the Reddit UFO board, someone has put together a list of bullet points that Grant’s lawyer, Michael W. Hall, talked about on an internet talk show (Dave Scott’s show) shortly after speaking with Grant. It isn’t known whether Grant was OK with Hall talking so openly about what the document contained, or whether it was planned to make the document public at that time – but that’s what happened.

Below are some of the major points of the document that Grant insists are true. He believes the document is genuine because of how the paper came to him – the provenance – makes it 100% real to him. Grant hasn’t revealed much about the origin of the document, but will do so in late May 2019 with the release of his next book, “Beyond Managing Magic.”

Grant Cameron’s Document with MJ-12 and Roswell Revelations

  • The document was handed to Grant at a convention as he was leaving by an unnamed individual. Grant read the first page and turned white and began sweating.
  • The document is a transcript of 2 people talking. One is an Admiral from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The other is a high ranking very well known government scientist. The conversation took place in the Admiral’s vehicle.
  • The transcript confirms the existence of MJ-12, the ultra-secret group appointed by President Harry Truman, which managed the UFO/Alien topic since 1947 after the Roswell incident.
  • It confirms the existence of the Roswell UFO crash and the recovery of dead and alive alien bodies.
  • Confirmation of reverse-engineering attempts on crashed UFO craft.
  • Other points can be found in the original post at Reddit here.

So, Grant mentioned releasing the document in his next book, “Beyond Managing Magic” due to be released at the end of May 2019.

I’m curious who the well-known government scientist was. Carl Sagan had already passed. Stephen Hawking was alive and well at that time, but could he have rolled his entire wheelchair into the Admiral’s vehicle? Or is that part of the story that is incorrect? Michio Kaku? Neil D. Tyson?

Also, apparently Richard Dolan has also seen the same document. He talks about it on a Jimmy Church show YouTube video here.

Anyway, stay tuned as this situation develops. I just wrote Grant an email to see if he has any new information about plans to release the document anytime soon.

UFOs Studied | Pentagon States it PLAINLY

"The AATIP did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena." US Government is investigating UFOs.
Image borrowed from this video at YouTube –

May, 2019. Chris Sherwood, official Pentagon spokesman, states unequivocally:

“The AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Chris Sherwood

It doesn’t get any clearer than this. THEY SAID IT, FINALLY.

All these years they’ve insisted they’ve not studied the issue. All these naysayers on social media since the USS Nimitz Tic-Tac UFO incident has come out. NOW WE HAVE IT STRAIGHT FROM THE PENTAGON’S MOUTH.

What are UFO’s NOT DOING?

What are UFO's not doing video by Vern Lovic at

Here’s a video I did that hopefully will stoke some curiosity in you about what UFOs are doing and not doing in the skies above us.

I brought various things into the video including Luis Elizondo’s recent post here, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Teleportation, Quantum Entanglement, UFO Mastery, UFO Control and Power, and some other nuggets.

Have a listen when you get 20 minutes, I think you’ll find this UFO video thought provoking.

Drunk UFO Sighting? Does this Happen?

I was just wondering if anyone has ever seen people talking about their drunk UFO sighting.

Have you ever heard of that? Does it ever happen?

If not, the aliens must have a reason for it. I mean, if it’s random, they’d show up anywhere to anyone. They’re not, apparently.

Or do they? Interested to hear from you if you have heard of anyone relaying an experience with a UFO while they were drunk or high on some drug.