Are UFOs from Another Dimension?

Are UFOs separate from floating orbs, apparitions, astral projection, remote viewing, and ghosts? Or is it all one phenomenon showing up from a different dimension?

I read a book back in my early days of college called “Flatland.” I just found it in the philosophy section of Barnes & Noble one day and started reading and I couldn’t put it down.

Flatland shows in as simple way as possible that people living in a dimension, cannot see or fully comprehend what is going on in higher dimensions than their own. They may see ‘something’ – but the picture is incomplete.

If UFOs are from another dimension higher than ours and are interacting with us – their movements, their appearance, may seem odd to us. We may not ‘get it.’ We probably wouldn’t be able to piece together a big-picture view of what exactly they are.

We are perhaps caught in a Flatland experience, unable to understand the phenomena that interacts with us because they’re operating in a higher dimension.

Anyway, read the book here, it’s a free PDF download. The book was written in 1884 by Abbott.

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