Are Aliens Here to Hurt Us?

This is a controversial topic with many different points of view. I’ll present both sides of the story here – positive and negative aspects to visits from UFOs and or Aliens or Abductions. This page is a work in progress…

Alien Presence is Negative for Humans

  • Dr. David Jacobs has done extensive hypno-regression with UFO abductees over the past 50 years. He says in this video that there hasn’t been ONE positive feature to come out in 750 sessions with 125 participants. He says, “I have not found, in any of the abductions that I’ve done, anything positive for us at any time. And neither did my colleague, Bud Hopkins. Neither of us ever found these things.”
  • Tom Delonge of TTSA said, “I thought I knew a lot. And then there was one meeting I had where somebody goes, let me just tell ya what ur fucking with. Let me just let u know. And he said something and I didn’t sleep for 3 nights. And I was like, oh my God.” ~ Tom Delonge

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