Are Aliens Dangerous or Benign?

UFO threat - terror.
A consistent theme in Tom Delonge’s storybooks is this idea of a THREAT from the other intelligence.

Are Aliens Friendly or Dangerous?

It’s a source of entertainment almost to see UFO researchers insist that aliens are completely harmless. Or worst, that they know aliens are dangerous and we must fear for our lives.

What is the truth?

The truth is, we don’t have the slightest idea.

Argument: We’d all be dead if they wanted us dead.

Counterpoint: Just because they haven’t destroyed us yet, doesn’t mean they are harmless. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan for the future that includes some horrific torture and killing or enslavement of the human race.

Why would you think they’re in some rush? Our population is growing all the time – what if that’s it? What if they’re waiting until we reach 10 billion people, and then the harvest will commence?

I’m not saying that’s what they’re doing. I’m not saying they’re going to destroy us, enslave us, eat us, or anything else. BUT, I’m certainly not saying that those are not possibilities. We know absolutely NOTHING about them that we can trust. We certainly cannot trust them. They will ultimately do what they want with us.

It is our hope that they’re kind. It’s our hope that they have transcended any trace of a selfish, fearful, greedy mind – like we have here on earth.

Alien Encounter Possibilities:

  • We’ll be enslaved.
  • We’ll be eaten alive.
  • We’ll be killed.
  • We’ll be experimented on.
  • Our souls will be ripped out of our heads and implanted into aliens – who have no soul.
  • Our sex cells will be harvested and billions of people will be made from us, on another planet.
  • Our DNA will be manipulated to create a master race to rule over us – 200 IQ’s and a body like a giant, with skills and knowledge far surpassing anything we’ve ever seen.
  • All 7 billion of us will have our blood drained in order to use to make the soil fertile on another planet where they’re growing pistachios.

I mean, the possibilities are absolutely endless. What would WE do with an entire planet of 7 billion creatures that have nowhere near the intelligence or strength that we have, but that was capable of doing simple stuff? We’d put them to work in some way. We’d have them sew for us, grow cotton, or pistachios.