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THE BIG NEWS OF APRIL? None yet. No new videos or major breaks. There is a lot of disagreement over To the Stars Academy and the Pentagon disagreeing over the name of the organization Luis Elizondo allegedly ran. Aeronautical? Aerospace? Aerial? Who knows? Seems like Luis should know. This is a problem. Another problem is the image TTSA used in their original presentation about the “Tic Tac” UFO, wasn’t the craft they took a video of.

Here’s my latest UFO / Alien Topics Video:

  • April 18 – I put out my latest thoughts on the UFO / Alien phenomenon. See it here.
  • April 18 – UFO Jesus (Ryan) puts out a fantastic video about what might actually be going on at the Skinwalker Ranch. He comes to a different conclusion as I do, but it’s still fascinating to watch.


The above are UFO / UAP / Alien resources we found in 2018 to share with our viewers. These are curated UFO News Stories (vetted). If they’re listed above, they are worth watching and it is worth it to take the time to try to understand them. We only share the best information -and not any of the spam out there on the subject. For 2018 we will focus on ONLY the most credible sources of information and commentary on the subject from people like Luis Elizondo; Hal Putoff; George Knapp; Grant Cameron; Linda Moulton-Howe; Richard Dolan; Dr. Eric Davis; Leslie Kean; and Dr. Greer. If you have another source you believe to be of an exceptional quality that you would like to share – please send here.


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