ANOTHER Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal UFO Article – New York Insider 7/28/20

Original Article here.

And yet another article from the two reporters who gave us the recent 7/27/20 New York Times Article about UFO crash retrievals being real according to Dr. Eric Davis (physicist).

This one is entitled, “Do We Believe in UFOs? That’s the Wrong Question.”

I don’t like the title, or the idea that it’s the wrong question, but I’m not writing for the Insider either.

The most riveting paragraphs from the article were these.

But our latest article provided a more daunting set of challenges, since we dealt with the possible existence of retrieved materials from U.F.O.s. Going from data on a distant object in the sky to the possession of a retrieved one on the ground makes a leap that many find hard to accept and that clearly demands extraordinary evidence.

Numerous associates of the Pentagon program, with high security clearances and decades of involvement with official U.F.O. investigations, told us they were convinced such crashes have occurred, based on their access to classified information. But the retrieved materials themselves, and any data about them, are completely off-limits to anyone without clearances and a need to know.

This goes along with responses during an interview both authors did with a UFO researcher from the UK in which they mentioned that a number of high-ranking military and government officials had told them off the record that UFO crash retrievals are HAPPENING and ONGOING.

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