Andrea Rossi Claims Cold Fusion Success | 23 Nov 2019

Watch the video below. In it, Bob Greenyer covers the claim by Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi of cold fusion. Rossi claimed he was able to create more energy than put into a machine, creating a self-sustaining reaction that will continue indefinitely.

In 2008 Rossi applied to patent a device called an Energy Catalyzer (or E-Cat), which is said to be a cold fusion or Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) thermal power source. Rossi reports that the device produces massive amounts of excess heat that can be used to produce electricity. This attempt failed, but did he now do it successfully?

Interestingly to UFO hobbyists, Hal Putoff is mentioned at the 10:50 mark.

Also interesting, is after about minute 8, he talks about Andrea Rossi having a premonition that he was going to achieve this monumental accomplishment days before it happened.

Here’s the first statement in a comment about this achievement from Andrea Rossi in The Journal of Nuclear Physics.

Andrea Rossi
November 23, 2019 at 9:43 PM
Dear Readers of the JoNP:
We did it.
Obtained permanent self sustaining mode with production of strong excess of electricity, generating more excess of electricity than of heat.
It is a revolution.
We did not violate unity, we just discovered an energy that had not been exploited before.
I am very tired.
Independent parties tests will follow, eventually we will make a presentation.
I think we made something that will make a revolution.
My team colleagues are saying to me ” Andrea, stay calm, be humble”. They are right. Now I am tired, must reorganize the ideas. The work in these last 2 weeks has been very hard, but we did it. This morning, late, we got more electric energy that the electric energy necessary to make the Cat work. The increase is strong.
Too big to be true, but it is true.
If you are reading this message, means I am not dreaming: our Readers are independent parties that can convince me I am not sleeping and I am really writing this.
The merit is of my fantastic Team, without them this could not have been done.
Warm Regards,

Screenshot of Original Comment:

Andrea Rossi's statement regarding self-sustained cold-fusion device success on November 23, 2019.