Aliens in Direct Conflict with Power Structures on Earth

Dr. Joseph Burkes worked with Dr. Steven Greer for 6 years in his “CSETI-5” program. This group attempted to make pro-active contact with UFOs, Aliens, or whatever the Phenomenon is. They claimed success – repeatable success in making contact. Though I’ve, in the past just blown these reports off as sightings of our own military craft, after reading these two articles I realize I have to take a closer look.

Dr. Burkes believes that there is a large international group that has been put in place for decades whose job it is to just ignore the Phenomenon so it doesn’t interfere with power structures put in place here on earth.

Read the article HERE and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Here are some more excellent articles from Dr. Burkes on his Medium (.com) page.

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