UFOScoop.com is a curated list of resources you can use to come to your own conclusions about UFO/UAP/Alien topics.

I’ve been consuming content – usually video – about the UFO and Alien topics since June 17, 2008 when I watched a brilliant UFO fly along the beach for many miles at the same height and same brightness.

Then again in 2013 when I had a fantastic experience here in Thailand with a bubble of light, turning into a perfect white sphere of light, and hovering close to me while I lay on the hotel room bed where I was using my computer. I detail that experience on my VernLovic.com site.

I am fascinated by the subject. Certain reports, people, topics, rub me the wrong way and don’t contribute to my knowledge bank on the subject because I just can’t believe what I’m watching. This happens often, and there are only a core group of UFO researchers I watch regularly or give any credence on the matter. Even so, there are things these researchers say that also don’t strike me as compelling or believable in any sense.

So, this site is filled with information – resources for finding out more about UFOs and Aliens, Abductions, etc. I hope you find the information useful. I hope you will let me know other resources you think are compelling and deserve a spot here on this website.

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Vern L.

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