5 Amazing Features of UAPs

One of the most fascinating UFO photographs ever taken. Should that thing be flying in a shape like that?

Luis Elizondo explained just WHY UAPs are of such a huge concern, and why they pose a potential threat to the United States, and potentially across the globe. In particular, he qualifies UAPs as having at least one of the five following factors.

UAPs have at Least 1 of these 5 Factors

1) Anti-gravity Lift

The only craft we all know about which have lift without using wings or propellers are hot air balloons. Something nobody is considering is magnetic fields, but I’ve posited that these UAP craft spotted by our military pilots could be very advanced magnetics.

Not sure why everyone is ignoring that possibility, but there isn’t even one person on the AATIP team, or the group of regular UFO researchers even mentioning it as a possibility. Seems to me that it’s much MORE likely to be magnetic fields than some new physics. Time will tell I guess. I’m not sold on the idea of magnetics being so advanced, but it is just so much more likely that it makes more sense to me.

The UAPs lack flight surfaces like wings. They seem to be all kinds of shapes from past history – cigars, disks, spheres, triangles, and now we even have the latest pilots from east coast USA encounters describing cubes inside semi-transparent spheres.

2) Sudden and Instant Acceleration

The UAPs can accelerate and change direction so fast that not only could no living being survive, but even the materials themselves may be questionable under such extreme g-forces.

During the USS Nimitz incident in the Pacific Ocean off San Diego, California, radar operators watched as the Tic Tac shaped UFO dropped from 80,000 feet to 50 feet just over the ocean in an absolutely astounding feat that was later calculated to be more than 30 times the speed of sound. More than 21,000 miles per hour.

Captain David Fravor, one of the pilots in the USS Nimitz event, watched as a Tic Tac UFO took off sideways – horizontally – at something like 3,600 miles per hour from a standstill.

3. Hypersonic (5x Speed of Sound) Velocity without Signatures

It is very difficult for aerospace companies to create shapes that minimize the acoustic signature when breaking the sound barrier once or multiple times. The shock waves produced can break windows and destroy other things if the moving object is close enough.

Throughout the history of UAPs, nobody has ever said that the UAPs movement was accompanied by sonic booms – breaking the sound barrier. This, in spite of the extremely fast-moving craft.

Another signature that is missing is ‘vapor trails.’ These are less often shown, as the pressure of the air, the speed, and the temperature all combine to make the vapor trails visible, suspended in the air.

4. Low Observability / Cloaking

Apparently, it is difficult to get excellent high-def photos or videos of UAPs, even while they’re stationary. They may be purposefully hiding their true nature, or they may be surrounded by some sort of electromagnetic field, or something else.

5. Trans-Medium Travel

Our military has airplanes to travel through our low atmosphere. We have rockets to travel through our upper atmosphere. We have boats to traverse the water, and we have submarines to travel under the water.

Some of the UAPs have demonstrated an ability to move through all of these mediums, very quickly. The Nimitz group recorded at least one UAP entering the water and moving 500 mph. UNDER the water.

Where Do UAPs Come from? Who is Controlling them?

The UAPs appear to be controlled remotely. Who is controlling them? How did they come into this amazing technology that makes the US Military look like a kid playing with trucks in a sandbox?

Where do they come from? The members of To the Stars Academy and other UFO researchers who appear to be at least partially ‘in the know’ keep saying over and over that the beings controlling UAPs, the beings responsible for so many strange phenomena on earth – may not be from OUT THERE. They’re insinuating that they are here. They are already here. They ‘live’ here. They dwell here. This is where they are from and where they are.

Did they exist here before mankind? Did they help genetically engineer mankind to pull us up out of the genetic neanderthal pool and give us greater capabilities? Why? Do they need us for anything? Were we put here to be stewards of this planet, to manage it over all the other species’ because we were the smartest and most capable?

Have they found that they made a horrible mistake? We are obviously NOT taking great care of the planet, or ourselves. We are not stewards of the planet, we are pirates of it. Did they create us with too much selfishness?

This is THE MOST INTERESTING TOPIC in the history of our world. It seems like we’re getting close to knowing some more about what is happening. Stay tuned and learn all you can about it. You might be the one to figure out something major about this puzzle.

2 thoughts on “5 Amazing Features of UAPs

  • October 3, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    After spending 22 years on the Utah/Arizona range watching the development of the American field propulsion, “energy beaming,” cloaking (“active camouflage”) and Directed Energy Weapons programs, it is clear that some craft can be seen exhibiting these observables. Hypersonic speeds and instantaneous acceleration accomplished in part by field propulsion are realities now. While there are numerous novel craft designs for this technology, the fun part is that there are a large number of existing airframes, mostly mundane and unremarkable commercial passenger models, that have these systems married to their own conventional technology. The result is fleets of “superplanes.” They can hang silently in mid-air, fly way below stall speed or accelerate so fast that you really don’t see them leave, only a contrail marking their path. Sonic booms don’t happen. At a flip of the switch, they turn invisible (Trump’s “invisible airplanes). I have recorded Air Force One with fighter escorts disappearing into thin air…WTF? There are tricked out passenger planes that can outperform untweaked fighters. Most, but not all, novel designs are field propulsion drones of several types. Sometimes, they fall. You don’t want to meet the guys who fly out in helicopters to reclaim them.

    • October 25, 2020 at 1:10 pm

      Interesting stuff. Where’s the video you have of Air Force 1 and fighter escorts disappearing into thin air?


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