Lue Elizondo Recommends “Chains of the Sea” Fiction Book | WHY?

Luis Elizondo, former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) at the Pentagon recommended UFO hobbyists read an old fiction novella from 1971 (says Wikipedia) or 1973 (date on PDF here) called Chains of the Sea by Gardner R. Dozois.

This science-fiction book describes our world as being inhabited by and visited by a number of different forces or intelligences. When we think of the world, we like to think we are the only ones present.

Is Luis Elizondo telling us, hinting to us, that there is more than just ourselves here? Is our reality actually made up of some other intelligences as described in the book? It’s VERY interesting that Mr. Elizondo has come out and told us that this book is somehow relevant to the phenomenon we are experiencing now, 49 years later.

The story has 5 different groups who are present on the earth.

  • Humans
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The Other People
  • The Aliens

In the story, the Aliens and the other people, the Artificial Intelligence all decide they’ll need to reset the world by gradually increasing entropy which will affect humans more than the other groups and cause their ultimate demise. The story ends with the idea that humanity is doomed.

It’s interesting that Elizondo recommended this book because he also did a video where he asked us to imagine that there isn’t just ‘mankind’ but maybe ‘mankinds.’ He asks, ‘what does it mean to be human?’ In THIS fascinating video.

Mr. Elizondo says being human isn’t just because we are capable of thought. Some other animals have thinking. It isn’t because we’re on two legs – other animals are as well, like an ostrich. Then he goes on to ask us to consider there may be mankinds. He’s saying there may be other beings who stand up on two legs and who can think.

“Emotions, love, empathy, are not necessarily unique traits to humans within the universe.” Elizondo says. “Maybe those traits aren’t unique to us.”

Artificial Intelligence could do that, when properly advanced. Aliens could do that. Beings that grew up here on earth with us – but hidden away from us, could do this.

Getting back to The Chains of the Sea… the book ends with the world being reset and humanity dying off because the other intelligences thought we were too crude to go forward. They didn’t want to deal with us.

Is that what Lue Elizondo is saying?

It makes sense that advanced intelligence would see little use for us. We’d need to be changed drastically to fit in with vastly superior beings. We are still living with selfishness, quest for power, and our emotional baggage that, as Elizondo says, makes us human.

The Others don’t appear to have emotion. They may not have the basic drives we have like for consuming food and water, reproduction, safety, and the rest of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. They’re operating quite differently.

What could be important to them in that state? Maybe just acquiring more information.

Mankind is curious. We are driven to acquire new information. But, we’re flawed. We’re emotional. We’re petty. We’re in it for ourselves beyond any doubt.

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