Former Head of French Intelligence – UFOs are Interdimensional

In an article in a French magazine, the former head of intelligence for the country of France has come out publicly to state that UFOs have an interdimensional component. Original article here (in French).

“The UFO phenomenon escapes the terrestrial dimension.”

Alain Juillet:

In “UFOs: a matter of States”, Dominique Filhol approaches the unidentified flying objects not as a folklore but as a subject as serious as the scientists, politicians and experts who follow one another in this documentary. Among them, the former director of intelligence at the DGSE, Alain Juillet, who answered our questions.

This is a first: the former director of intelligence at the DGSE, Alain Juillet, speaks without taboos on a subject which, for many, still feels suffering: unidentified flying objects. With his immense experience in intelligence, he advocates a pragmatic approach and an open mind to solve a mystery too important to be left to dreamers and dogmatic skeptics.

Alain Juillet is one of the high-level speakers, political, scientific and military, who bring their expertise to Dominique Filhol’s documentary, “UFOs: a matter of states”. “There is a term which recurs more and more often among specialists in the subject it is the idea ‘of non-human intelligence’ this term is interesting because it does not reject the extraterrestrial hypothesis but it does include other theories as to the nature of the phenomenon ”summarizes the director, marked from childhood by spectacular testimonies from relatives who have observed inexplicable phenomena.

The filming further reinforced his convictions: “The phenomenon has become tangible. I was fortunate to be able to film a meeting of the members of the SIGMA 2 commission which studies UFOs in a rigorous and scientific manner or to meet Senator Harry Reid at the origin of the AATIP research program on UFOs in the department of American Defense. All these interviews confirmed my intuitions. ”

The succession of testimonies and analyzes in “UFOs: a matter of States” reminds us: UFOs exist, at least as a subject of study but their nature remains elusive: “the hypotheses concerning the nature of these” objects “are not not limit to an extraterrestrial origin. ” Parallel worlds, time travelers: nothing can be ruled out from the back of the sleeve. “There is also a stream of ufology which studies the links between consciousness and the UFO phenomenon and this is a point that we tackle in the film” continues Dominique Filhol.

“For more and more researchers, in the case of close encounters, the phenomenon seems to interact with the consciousness of the witnesses. This is what some fighter pilots of the US NAVY having observed these phenomena have related: these objects seemed to anticipate the reactions of the pilots, as if they were able to read their minds. “

As usual, the UFO subject takes us very far. A less dangerous trip if you are well accompanied. In any case, this is the belief of Alain Juillet for whom politicians and scientists must now tackle the subject head on.

You have agreed to participate in the documentary by Dominique Filhol, “UFOs: a matter of states”. Is this the first time you have spoken publicly on the subject of UFOs?

Alain Juillet: Yes. I had participated in a meeting of aviation enthusiasts where the problem of unidentified objects was raised. I was in the room and answered a few questions. But I had never intervened on this subject publicly. It was after an interview with the director, Dominique Filhol, that we tackled this theme. He asked me two or three questions and said, “I’m interested, I’m preparing something.” This is how it happened.

Did you have a particular interest in UFOs?

Yes, even if I am not an enthusiast. On the other hand, I am originally an intelligence man and when we see things that are inexplicable today, we know that we can explain them tomorrow. It’s just that we don’t have the elements to imagine or understand what’s going on. In the particular field of UFOs, not to mention the people who see a flying saucer landing in a field, there are fighter pilots, astronauts, people who are anything but funny and report very precise observations.

We must not say that they are nonsense but just recognize that there are things that we miss. It is in this context that I became interested in this problem because the first thing we see when we study this phenomenon is that obviously these devices or these appearances do not work according to terrestrial laws and in particular that they are not subjected to gravitation.

The question that arises is therefore: has a country developed a system that allows it to escape gravitation? Twenty years ago, I would have answered: “Why not?” But today, if a country in the world had made such a discovery, we would know. No progress of this magnitude can remain secret. It’s impossible.

Did you have a particular interest in UFOs?

If a country had such technology, it would have been used openly …

In one way or another, there would have been leaks, an indiscretion of the scientists working on it … Since there was absolutely nothing, it is that it is something else and that it escapes the earthly dimension.

Do the intelligence services have adequate tools to deal with subjects as elusive as that of UFOs, the nature of which is unknown and whose very existence remains questionable?

In order for the subject to interest them, they must have received an order. In order to collect information, technical and human resources must be developed. An intelligence service can only work on UFOs if there is a need that is expressed by those who lead, that is, by the highest state authorities.

If the latter consider that this is not a priority problem, which is generally the case, nothing happens. We know that the Americans have launched a very serious study with a big budget to try to understand. And it seems that other great powers, in particular Russia and China, have done the same thing, undoubtedly for the same reasons: to discover if there is not behind the UFO phenomenon something which, technically speaking , can be interesting.

There, I lead to another aspect which I evoke in the film and which has been explained by others much stronger than me in the matter: we pass from a vision of the world modeled by traditional physics to another vision based on quantum physics. And we understand these phenomena much better through the prism of quantum physics than with that of current physics.

A few rare prominent political figures around the world, such as former Clinton and Obama’s chief of staff, John Podesta, have taken a public stand in favor of greater government transparency on UFOs. Do you think it is useful?

In the global competition that is raging today, especially between China and the United States, it is obvious that a new weapon which is essential because nobody can stop it gives a competitive advantage to the country which owns it. . The Russians, for example, have developed a surface-to-air missile system, the S-400s, which scare everyone because no one can stop them, the Americans no more than the others.

Fighter planes prefer to bypass them rather than risk being shot down. The Russians also released the hypersonic missile, Avangard, which no defense can stop. Also interesting is this torpedo, developed by the Russians, a copy of which would have exploded in the Kursk, in 2000, after being blocked in the torpedo tube.

Exactly … It is a machine that is formidable because its performance far exceeds that of all the others. I’m not a dreamer but when we see like in the documentary a machine that accelerates, slows down, goes into the water, comes out of it, all this filmed by American fighter planes, we wonder. And we say to ourselves, “Aren’t we getting there too?” To return to quantum physics, she postulates that two separate points can be the same.

It seems inconceivable to us but from there, we can go very far, until the possible existence of parallel worlds. For comparison, a fly with its faceted eyes can see dimensions other than ours even though it lives in our world. So maybe there are things that are in our universe that we cannot normally see because they are not in our field of vision.

But maybe, from time to time, something happens, a phenomenon passes through our field of perception before disappearing. I’m not talking about “little green men” there. Rather, I feel like I’m following the same approach as some scholars and astronomers who just say “something is missing”.

From a military point of view, it is therefore research that affects Defense, national interests … Is there not a contradiction between publicly demanding research on the UFO phenomenon and the need to maintain a form of secrecy?

I don’t think secrecy is really useful, unless we discover disturbing things. However, it can be seen that the phenomenon has so far shown no aggressive intention. So, there is no reason to worry, we are not in a horror film …

However, I do not think it is necessary to talk about it too much because many people will get involved to fantasize at all costs! If we say “UFOs may be a reality” or when we talk about advances in quantum physics, we will hear the answer “oh the poor, he has gone mad”. As we get out of the classic relationship that people have with science, it may not pass. And there is obviously the possibility that gurus will take up the question and tell anything. You shouldn’t over-promote all of this but try to stay scientific and say to yourself: there is something, that is indisputable. A certain number of factors suggest that it is next to us without coming from us and that it can come from other worlds, why not after all … It is useless to dream. Coming back to my original job, I must try to ask myself: what conclusions can I draw from the information I have? Now, I have no conclusion, all I have is a number of clues that allow me to think without having to be certain.

One can risk a perhaps haphazard comparison with the emergence of Covid-19 as a radically new element in the lives of billions of people. We see that societies adapt and integrate this event calmly despite the threat. Wouldn’t it be the same with the realization that the UFO phenomenon does not come from our world?

Absolutely. I think people adapt very well. If tomorrow morning, we have confirmation that UFOs come from a world parallel to ours, well everyone will say “well, there is a parallel world”. The day we say it, within five years, everyone will have accepted it as a trivial phenomenon. In “The Crab Drum”, a film that I loved, a Breton parish priest interpreted white streaks in the sky as signs. And he trains his parishioners to follow them one way, then another.

At the end, exhausted, the faithful return home and we discover that these signs were in reality the trails left by the first jet planes that made Paris New York…

What do you think of the work of Geipan, which within CNES does a lot of work collecting information on unidentified aerial phenomena?

Intelligence people will tell you all that the first job is gathering information. First, you have to collect everything you can collect and they do that very, very well. Then you have to select from this collection what appears to be truly serious, and they do too. After that, with regard to the analysis of these serious elements themselves, it is specialists and high-level researchers who must reflect on this.

GEIPAN, despite its work, seems to be little used by public or private research…

We are the country of Descartes, Cartesian in essence, the country of standards, principles, rules … Americans, on the other hand, learn in their schools to think “out of the box”, outside the box. We are still learning to think “in the box”.

I think it will happen in France the day people are no longer afraid of being ridiculous. If we learn that the United States or China are not only devoting important studies to this subject, but that in addition to high-level scientists have drawn worthy reflections, then our researchers will no longer fear ‘be taken for wacky.

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