New Skinwalker Ranch Owner – Profound National Security Concerns Over Phenomena

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch this for 9 Minutes

I’ve cued it up to the important part. This is the new owner of the Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal. He bought it from Robert Bigelow of Space X.

Watch as he describes:

  • Escalation of events since 2016 when he purchased the ranch.
  • Malevolent, violent entities at the ranch – and some of his staff being ATTACKED and in the hospital with serious life-threatening injuries. It occurs without warning, provocation, and without any explanation. Cannot figure out agenda of the entities.
  • “A wide range of spectacular events recorded”
  • What is being witnessed at the ranch has significant national security implications.

Interestingly, he freely talks about how they have recorded on video and has various data from many different kinds of events. Robert Bigelow downplayed the idea that they were able to get anything significant. Did the entities at the ranch not want Robert Bigelow to GET good data? Strange.

Either someone’s lying or the entities there actually choose who gets data, who doesn’t. Thing is, the same organizations are behind the data collection efforts, so it wouldn’t matter that much who the owner was. Would it?

Apparently Brandon’s coming forward into the public eye is because of the TV show series beginning 31 March at 10 pm. EST called, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on the History Channel.

2 thoughts on “New Skinwalker Ranch Owner – Profound National Security Concerns Over Phenomena

  • March 30, 2020 at 6:03 am

    Why is it so difficult to find out your name on your own site. The site you appear to be the primary narrator for?

    Why is your message so fraught w/ speculation & seeming agenda e.g. your selectively cutting & splicing a variety of footage together to respond to your own query? e.g. “The Alien threat” video?

    Who are you & what’s your agenda & motives?

    I had to dig around to find your name – Vern Lovic – I’ve been anonymously investigating the phenomena for over 45, nearly 50 years, in some depth & I have never heard of you (which means nothing in & of itself ) but there’s something wrong here; maybe I’m wrong, but you make A LOT OF ASSUMPTIONS & SPECULATE QUITE A BIT WHICH TELLS ME YOU HAVE AN AGENDA; MAYBE A CORRECT ONE, MAYBE HOGWASH.

    The manner in which you selectively spliced together Rogan, Delonge, Knapp, & Howe is mighty suspicious, as is the fact that your name & bio / CV are hard to locate or nonexistent on, presumably, your own site is highly suspect.

    So there’s, from the human POV, ‘GOOD’ & ‘BAD’ aliens whether ET’s or ID’s or both or some other travelers/visitors or we’re the visitors, the lab rats, it/they can travel through space AND time.

    There is high strangeness underfoot, above & below, & we’ve no power, choice or control, or so it appears. IDK. This does not feel right or seem right or good but as LMH says we have ‘allies’ or somethings/someones to that effect.

    It’s all very weird.

    • July 24, 2020 at 3:31 am

      Hi Marc,

      I don’t know who you are either, so we’re on some sort of level field I guess. It would take your going to the “Us” link at the top right of every page and choosing “Contact.” That would show my name in my gmail address. Is that what you meant by ‘I had to dig around to find your name.”?

      Anyway, my agenda. We all have one. I don’t know yours either, but I’m willing to share, since this is my site which I appear to be the ‘primary narrator for.’

      I’d like to shine the light on experiencer stories that seem credible. Sure, it’s impossible to know, but there are experiencers whose statements seem more credible than others. I may add those to this site. There are people in government and as contractors for government organizations that seem to be more credible than most.

      People like Christopher Mellon, Dr. Hal Puthoff, and Dr. Eric Davis appear to me as very credible. Could they be part of a disinformation campaign created by the CIA or other government organizations? Sure. Everything is a guess because I’m not on the inside. I have experienced a number of odd things, so that’s where my passion for the subject comes from. I’m not in the CIA. FBI. NSA. I’m not in any government role at all and haven’t been since leaving the US Air Force in 1987.

      And yeah, I do ‘make a lot of assumptions and speculate quite a bit.’ To me, that means I’m human. If you’re one of those that doesn’t make assumptions or speculate then you’re one of a special group Marc.

      Here is why I’m interested in the topic. These are some of my experiences with a phenomenon that seems to be beyond the accepted reality of most people. Vern’s Experiences.


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