Elon Musk on UFOs and Aliens — What Does He Think?

Elon Musk, a man with one of the most interesting minds on the planet is staying quiet about UFOs and alien life.

Why is that? I haven’t heard anyone say for sure, but it’s obvious Elon just isn’t willing to be dragged into an in-depth conversation about the topic of UFOs and Aliens. He does get asked about UFOs and Aliens often and does give short responses. Basically he insists he has no knowledge of alien life and he seems to fear an uncontrollable Artificial Intelligence (AI) more than anything else. He seems to believe that humanity is the only instance of consciousness in our universe, and maybe the cosmos, and he is intent on keeping it alive.

In Texas last week, Elon said…

“As far as we know, we’re the only consciousness, or the only life that’s out there. There might be other life, but we’ve seen no signs of it.”

Elon Musk

Other Elon Musk Quotes

“It is unknown whether we are the only civilisation currently alive in the observable universe, but any chance that we are is added impetus for extending life beyond Earth. This is why we must preserve the light of consciousness by becoming a space-faring civilisation & extending life to other planets.”

Elon Musk

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” This in a tweet on Sept 29, 2019 with a photo of one of his giant rockets designed to reach Mars. ‘The light’ meaning, consciousness?

Elon Musk

“Not from the standpoint of Mars just being an escape hatch or because I think Earth is doomed, but because there is a certain irreducible probability that something may happen to Earth. Despite our best intentions and everything we try to do, there is a probability of external forces or some internal unforced error causing civilisation to be destroyed or sufficiently impaired such that it can no longer extend to another planet.”

Elon Musk

“As far as we know, we’re the only consciousness, or the only life that’s out there. There might be other life, but we’ve seen no signs of it. People often ask me, ‘What do you know about the aliens?’ and I’m like, Man, I tell you, pretty sure I’d know if there were aliens. I’ve not seen any sign of aliens.”

Elon Musk

So, Elon says he is pretty sure he’d know if there were aliens. Then he says he has not seen any sign of aliens. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t heard from others who know there are aliens. I think it’s important to watch every word because someone like Elon Musk would have a difficult time lying to the public in any capacity. It just seems like his moral compass is too rock solid. Not saying he couldn’t, but that it would be regrettable to him that he needed to do it.

“The reality is, as far as we know, this is the only place, at least in this part of the galaxy or in the Milky Way, where there is consciousness. It appears that consciousness is a very rare and precious thing, and we should take whatever steps we can to preserve the light of consciousness.
I hope I’m wrong. If they are here, I hope they’re nice. You know, they haven’t killed us yet — so they must be not that bad.”

Elon Musk

I have heard Elon say something about consciousness before in relation to moving at least part of mankind to the nearby planet, Mars. There is an urgency about it, you can sense it when you hear him speak about the project. He’s very concerned that humanity and consciousness is going to end in the cataclysmic destruction of earth before we have a chance to populate at least one other planet.

Elon Musk video link.

Does Elon know something that hasn’t been told to the general public?

When you have a unique mind that works in ways that seem unique and at a very high level, surpassing most others, you get told a lot of information by governments who would like your opinion on projects and ideas. Elon is his own think-tank. His thought process is pretty unique. It is a good idea for government leaders, scientists and others to run their ideas by him to see what he thinks. He has high-level connections with NASA, Presidents, and some of the smartest people in the world.

Michio Kaku, Neil D. Tyson, and Sam Harris are all people who may have been told about some extraordinary event that is due to change or eliminate mankind in the short-term. Nobody is talking about it though.

That kind of information certainly wouldn’t be getting out to the general populace. If 7 billion people knew the world was going to be hit by a 100-mile wide asteroid next week – what would happen?

Pure chaos. All those people coming to grips with having just one week to experience anything they’ve ever wanted to. Mass mayhem, killings, theft, abductions, rape, pillage, it would be worse than Walmart during the Black Friday sales.

That kind of information is just never coming out in the New York Times. However, SOME people do know some extraordinary things about upcoming catastrophes, alien life, or other things related to the Phenomenon.

I’m sure Elon Musk is one of them.

Maybe he has something planned where he reveals undeniable evidence of alien craft to all of us in razor-sharp images/videos one of his cameras have taken during a rocket trip to Mars?


What do you think is going to be the way in which we are all told about (or shown) that aliens, UFOs are real and interacting with us here on earth?

Do you think you’ll see it in your lifetime? Will your children see it?

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