UFO News Compilation

This is where we drop all the little 2019 news bits that are important to check out related to UFO Disclosure. The most recent UFO news is on the top of this page, and it gets older as you scroll down. Highly curated. No junk.

6 OCTOBER 2019

At 38:32 in the below video, Capt. Fravor reveals never before released information. There is a V-FORMATION of objects on radar – 5 smaller objects moving in front of the Gimbal UFO.

(VIDEO) Joe Rogan interviews Captain David Fravor of the USS NIMITZ Carrier Group UFO Incident off Southern California.

4 OCTOBER 2019

UFOs Flying at 100,000+ Miles Per Hour? 270-page Technical Analysis.

3 OCTOBER 2019

Are UFOs Hitting Bugs and Birds? Or Not Flying at All?


Tom Delonge says UNIDENTIFIED, To the Stars Academy series on the History Channel is coming back for Season #2.

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