Tic Tac UFO Speeds — 104,895 to 281,520 mph?

A Forensic Analysis of Carrier Strike Group Eleven’s Encounter with an Anomalous Aerial Vehicle – PDF

The following information comes from a freely available PDF document you can get here at a shared Google Drive link. We’ve made a copy here on 4 October 2019 in case it is no longer at the original source. Keep in mind, our copy could be out of date since the paper has been updated at least once, and possibly was updated after we downloaded our copy.

Brandon (@disclosure2020) on Twitter caught my eye with a tweet recently. It said…

The Tic Tacs were traveling between 104,895 mph and 281,520 mph at peak velocity. They were accelerating between 12,250 and 12,823 g-forces at maximum constant acceleration.

Brandon (@disclosure2020)

He then referred me to the PDF mentioned above. Apparently the authors chose a couple of different ways of estimating maximum velocity of the Tic Tac UFO in the USS NIMITZ Carrier Group incidents of 2004 and came up with these mind-blowing numbers.

Initially, people were estimating the Tic Tacs moving at around 20,000 miles per hour as they dropped out of the sky and hovered over the ocean at very near sea-level. That speed is something we can almost wrap our heads around because the fastest missiles in existence today are supposed to go around 2,300 mph. The SR-71 Blackbird, the high-flying spy aircraft built in the United States was said to be capable of over 3,000 mph at peak velocity.

(Google result — 4 October 2019)

If the Tic Tacs are really moving at over 100,000 mph, that is generations ahead of our current technology. I think we can confidently say that these speeds are not within reach of any country in the world in 2019, and probably won’t be for another 10-20 years minimum, assuming linear advancement.

I could go back and revise my article, “What About Bugs, Birds, and Dirt?” to include the bigger numbers, but regardless, at 43,000 or 104,000 mph, that craft would shatter into a billion pieces if it only hit a dragonfly. It would probably create a shockwave not unlike a nuclear weapon.

The PDF analyzing the Tic Tac event is interesting. I glanced over it. I don’t have time to read 275 pages of technical info, but if you do – check it out. You’ll find it interesting at least. I don’t recall ever hearing the names of even one of the authors, but maybe they’re credible? If you know any of the following, leave a comment either for or against the person’s credibility. A search of their website reveals no biographical information or even an “About Us” page.

Authors of Tic Tac Analysis PDF

Much appreciated!

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