11 Effects of UFOs on Witnesses

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Even if they’re not landing and handing out manifestos for us to follow, the intelligence(s) behind UFOs are effecting us here on earth. Here are some of the effects on human beings as we witness craft and/or beings from these craft.

There is a group of us on Twitter who are working ourselves numb trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the UFO phenomenon and Disclosure. We have an amazing group, and if you’re interested in following some of the conversation threads, and/or contributing, I invite you to do so. It’s fascinating to see the diverse responses to questions posed, incidents described… your input is welcome. See the list of Twitter accounts at the bottom of this piece.

What Are UFOs Doing with Us?

I worded that title in a way to show that I believe whatever intelligence is interacting with us is doing so to affect us in some way(s). That’s at least one of the main purposes for being here. Otherwise, would we see UFOs at all? The earth is quite large and there are plenty of places UFOs could visit regularly and go unseen. The north and south poles and vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean. If they needed to study and abduct people, there are plenty of remote tribes in the South American continent they could choose from.

They’re everywhere though. They are either overtly trying to influence us psychologically and sometimes physically, or we are of no consequence and they are just going about their activities and sometimes we happen to see them. Sometimes we are abducted by them as part of their examination of earth and its flora and fauna.

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How Many Intelligences or Groups ARE THERE Interacting with Us?

I notice in my twitter conversations and reading other threads that people tend to attribute a lot of varied phenomena to ‘the Others.’ The Others are treated as a singular entity that displays wildly different behaviors, phenomena. The actor behind all these different events is assumed to be the same intelligence.

I think this needs to remain open-ended. Whether we’re dealing with just one intelligence that is capable of all these different things, or one hundred different intelligences, is entirely unknown. From my own perspective, it appears to me that the messages we are being given in various ways point to many different intelligences or groups that have their own agendas.

Perhaps this is why we have such a difficult time trying to wrap our heads around the numerous signs and activities we’re seeing. Taken as a whole, it just doesn’t make sense. If only one intelligence was here and giving us one message, we’d likely figure that out quickly. No, it seems like we’re experiencing so many different phenomena that any cohesive message or plan they have for us is lost in the sheer volume of the sightings and interactions.

15 Effects of UFOs on Mankind

Because I think UFOs are here to affect us in some way, I think each effect on us that we experience is purposeful. I believe they’re so far ahead of us technologically, intellectually, that they know exactly the effects I’m writing below and these effects are experienced exactly as intended.

1. Increases Curiosity

When people see a UFO in the sky, one of the main effects is that curiosity about UFOs and other phenomena is stoked. The effect it has on a lot of us is that it drives us headfirst down the deep rabbit hole. We come to understand how common the phenomenon is, and we see other related (or not) phenomena as also more common than we imagined.

We look up into the sky more. We talk about it more. We watch videos and listen to podcasts about the subject. We follow people on Twitter who talk about it 24 hours a day. We spend more time considering the possibilities.

In my own case, I went from thinking about UFOs and other phenomena maybe once per year to think about it every single day after my first experience, sometimes for hours – like today as I write this article. Time thinking about the phenomenon increases dramatically once curiosity is piqued.

2. Increased Conversation about the Phenomenon and other Phenomena

After a sighting, we start talking about UFOs with friends or find groups to share ideas with if friends are not very receptive. There are few things that can energize a person as much as witnessing a UFO in the skies above. We need to tell other people and compare our experiences. We need to make sure we’re not losing our mind and we need to hear other people tell us even crazier experiences so we can feel better about ourselves.

As the conversation increases, and it certainly has increased since the 1940s, we’ve reached a point where there are few people (adults) in the world who are not aware of the UFO phenomenon. There are fewer still who don’t experience some sort of anomalous phenomena in their lives which they attribute to aliens, ghosts, spirits, demons, inter-dimensional weirdness, or something else. Not everyone believes that another intelligence is interacting with us, but by now nearly everyone is aware that it’s a possibility.

3. Increase in Open-mindedness

When a person witnesses a UFO or other anomalous event, it has the effect of opening up the mind to not only that event, but to other similar events. The mind is blown, and as a result, the person becomes much more open to the possibility of other events once thought as impossible or from the minds of crazy people. When a person sees an oddly shaped object hovering still in the air, as big as a football field, it really leaves no doubt. It isn’t a plane. It isn’t a balloon. Human beings just don’t make craft that big. What would we ever use it for?

This increase in open-mindedness toward the phenomena makes the believers’ group bigger. Maybe one goal of the intelligence behind this is to reach ‘critical mass’ where belief is accepted and no questioned?

4. Us vs. Them

One effect of seeing something that is obviously not human-made is that we presuppose another race outside the human race. Tribalism, nationalism, localism, are a part of our make-up. We gravitate toward like people and separate ourselves from those of other groups.

Imagining a group of aliens coming to earth to observe and interact with us causes many people to start thinking about us versus them. This is especially true because we do not know what their intentions are. Sometimes there are positive interactions with biological beings coming from UFO craft. Other times there are negative interactions. As mentioned, this could be different groups. This uncertainty about them gives mankind reason to put us on opposite teams and see them as a threat just because we cannot see them as beneficent.

Ronald Reagan mentioned at least three times something along the lines of, ‘All our differences would disappear if faced by an external alien threat. We’d join together as one species…’ It’s quite obvious this would happen if the threat were ominous enough and imminent.

5. Increases Distrust of Government – Hiding Tech

This one is huge at the moment because the number of people who have seen UFOs is in the millions. They know what they saw. They know these things are not running on our current technology. We have helicopters which can hover – but they make a lot of noise. They have rotors. UFOs don’t have rotors. We have planes that use jet engines and prop engines to move forward. They can’t hover. UFOs hover and can move forward at great speed. Silently or near silently.

For people who just cannot believe in extraterrestrial aliens with this technology, they attribute it to governments of the world having created super-advanced tech. This is a problem because we’re still driving gasoline-powered vehicles. We’re burning fossil fuels. We’re sending astronauts to space on explosive rockets. We’re still spending billions of dollars on rocket technology – and for what? If mankind HAS this tech, it must be shared. Everyone understands that. Distrust of government increases for some when we believe they have it and we don’t.

6. Increases Distrust of Government – Lying about Knowledge of the Others

Not only do people distrust government for not sharing technology, in the case where they cannot believe in some other alien phenomenon interacting with us, but for people who CAN believe it they distrust government for keeping it a secret.

The government cannot win on this one. Believers and non-believers alike both distrust government for holding back the information they’ve amassed over the years… the decades.

7. Makes Witnesses Question Reality

Before seeing a UFO I had what I figured was a real solid grip on the reality of life here on the planet. I wasn’t superstitious. I wasn’t a believer in religion. I was a tentative believer in much of evolutionary theory.

After experiencing some things, I am not at all sure about the reality I’m living in. Are we overlapping some other dimension? Are we capable of communicating with alien intelligence with our minds? Is remote viewing real? Are orbs of light the drones of a super-intelligence that is collecting data on us? Are dreams real in a way we can’t yet understand?

The UFO / Alien phenomenon blows our minds so completely that we inevitably lose our firm grip on reality and start to question the very world we live in. We start to question facts that we grew up with and that most people believe. We start to loosen our grip on reality, I guess is a good way to say it. We allow for much more than prior to a sighting/experience.

8. We Question Physics and the Hard Sciences

After seeing some anomalous phenomenon, the question of the truth of our current physics must be questioned. Does inertia go away in a UFO making sharp angle turns at speed? Does gravity exist in a UFO that can hover for a day or more as is the claim of a US Navy Pilot operating off the east coast of the USA?

One result of bizarre sightings that defy our presently known physics is that scientists look closer at what we know, and investigate in new directions that could potentially close the gap with these crafts.

UFOs force us from rational explanations to intuitive because our science cannot explain them. They are eroding our faith in science. Watching this video around (15 mins : 50 seconds) with Jeffrey Mishlove interviewing Terence McKenna, he describes how UFOs confront the sciences head-on, crashing the party and forcing science to deal with it. As I said above, a clear sighting or experience can challenge a person’s view of reality. It can also set science on its head because much of what scientists believe must be negated for these crafts to work as they appear to.

9. Some People Question their Sanity

There are negative effects of sightings as well as positive. For some people, it may be the beginning of the psychological end. Not everyone is ready to experience bizarre events. Not everyone can handle it psychologically.

Experiencers who have multiple events, even dozens, can lose their grip on reality and need medication, counseling, or admission into a psych hospital.

10. Increases Fear of the Future

If an experiencer has a negative experience, the future can appear bleak. Increased anxiety about daily life, being in a plane, being alone, or going to sleep can all become debilitating.

If a person believes the Others are here for a negative reason – and many do – they may be sure some sort of interplanetary Armageddon is going to result. What could be scarier than that?

11. Increased Hope for the Future

The children at Ariel School in Zimbabwe saw figures come out of a UFO that landed near their school at recess. Some kids reported non-verbal mental communication from the beings. Messages were given that they were concerned about the environment of earth and what mankind was doing to it. Preservation was encouraged.

The children are adults now and they still report remembering the messages and the concern these beings appeared to show for the environment. Perhaps they had increased hope about the future as a result of their experience.

There are plenty of positive experiences reported by people sighting UFOs and even being abducted by UFOs. Many of these people report positive experiences and are hopeful about a future where these beings interact with us more openly and help us make good choices for our planet.

Among the religionless, UFOs offer hope from the outside that they may have never experienced before. Suddenly, they have a tangible god-like intelligence to believe in, to hope for.


There are many effects on people who have seen UFOs, Aliens, Orbs, Ghosts, and other things. I focused here primarily on the sighting of UFOs. There are many more effects, obviously, and you’re welcome to put them in the comments if you feel like sharing.

Because UFOs are not putting out cohesive messages we can all understand, we have to look at their subtle effects. Even just witnessing a UFO in the sky changes us inside. It literally changes life as we once knew it. The more this occurs over time, the larger the group of experiencers is here on earth talking about it and spreading the ideas and their curiosity about the phenomena interacting with us.

It’s my own belief that there are multiple groups or multiple intelligences interacting with us – but I’m not certain at all. It could be one multifarious intelligence that is having a real good time of this. It’s possible this one intelligence is just having fun with us for all we know.

Everything is on the table!

What Do YOU Believe About It? I’m curious to read your comments below…

Oh, and here are some UFO focused twitter accounts to get you started:

@UAP1949 @Reddit_r_UFO @UFOL3TA @UfoJoe11 @BlueBookBelieve @frithar @Keithmayoh @Deepneuron @GrantCameron @theyre_heeeere @JoshuaCutchin @Liv_Boeree @GarryPNolan @vernlovic @KeithBasterfie1 @carland27488094 @chasekuertz @DboardUfor @mikeb8637 @UfoIssue @mike18499668 @sicktanick @ufophilosopher @PaulJamesDean

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